Nova Scotia Maple Production Informatics and Maple Syrup Chemical Analysis

The Maple Research Programme was established at the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University, in partnership with the Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia (MPANS) to provide Research, Development, Innovation, Education and Training to the Nova Scotia Maple Industry.  This is of historic importance to both Dalhousie University and MPANS as Canada accounts for nearly 76% of the world’s maple production, while Nova Scotia accounts for less than 1% of this production and there is a great deal of research to be done to position the Nova Scotia maple industry.  Through this project we aim to determine if there is (i) a link between syrup output, and management, operational and geographic location that would explain the variation in tap yield in Nova Scotia.  Additionally, we (ii) investigated how unique Nova Scotia’s maple syrup is in its chemistry.

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